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Everyone can track ships worldwide on a live radar map

People were used to look longingly at the cruise ships at the harbor and they wished to be a guest on the ship. Where all the ships came from and where they went was mostly unknown. People followed the cruise ships with their naked eye until they disappeared on the horizon. After that, the ships were no longer visible to the human eye, but the ship’s were visble on the ship radar. A few years ago, a ship radar was  a well kept secret and not everyone had access to the data. So only a few people could track ships worldwide and determine the current ship positions. Fortunately, nowadays we have the opportunity to locate and track all ships worldwide with the ship radar.


Ship tracking with a ship radar

If you are interested in the ship radar and want to see the current positions of ships worldwide, then this page is the right place for you. Ships are now equipped with an AIS system and they send continuously their current gps position. The transmitted data is displayed on the map in real time, which enables the live ship positions to be tracked. No matter if you are looking for a specific ship or if you are just interested in ships. You will definitely find what you are looking for in the real-time ship radar. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for container ships, cruise ships, tugs or yachts. With the ship’s radar, you know exactly where each ship is, worldwide. The ship radar is fun, provides interesting details and is of course completely free. We hope you enjoy exploring the world’s oceans.

How does the ship radar work?

A ship radar is a map that displays all the ship movements around the world, in real time. With the ship radar it is possible to track and find the current position of every ship.

The Automatic Identification System (AIS) is an automated tracking system that is used in shipping. With this system ships are identified and localized to avoid collisions. Ports also use the AIS to better control ship movements in the port. Every ship sends a message via the AIS with a very high frequency, i.e. a so-called VHF (Very High Frequency). This transmitter is also connected to a GPS system. Ships in the vicinity and satellites receive and process the signal and therefore always know which ships are in the vicinity. A typical AIS message contains the GPS position, the speed (SOG-Speed ​​Over Ground, the current course (COG-Course Over Ground) and a unique ship identification number. If you now embed these AIS messages in a clear map, you get a worldwide ship radar. The positions of the ships in the ship radar are always displayed in real time. In the coastal area and in ports, the update their position every few seconds. Depending on the route from the ship and far out at sea, the current position can be displayed on the ship radar with a slight delay.

Wie funktioniert das Schiffsradar


What do you need a ship’s radar?

Our earth is roughly 2/3 covered with water and people and goods have to be moved from one place to another every day. It is no wonder that so many ships travel around lakes, oceans and rivers, covering thousands of kilometers. With so many daily ship movements, you could almost lose track if you didn’t have a suitable ship radar. With a worldwide ship radar, it is not only possible to locate the position of cruise ships with countless passengers. Container ships, sports boats, tankers, tugs and much more are also displayed in the global ship radar. The selection of ships in the ship radar could hardly be larger. In principle, all ships that transmit their current position via AIS can be located with the ship’s radar. With large ships in particular, it is very important to know the current ship position in order to avoid collisions. Thanks to today’s technology, this is no longer a problem.


Ship movements around a port

Nowadays shipping traffic is very dense and large ports like Hamburg, Rotterdam or Antwerp have a very high volume of passenger and cargo ships every day. For outsiders, the ports often look like an opaque jungle. The ship’s radar helps you to better understand what is happening in a port. A visit to the harbor is irreplaceable, but only the worldwide ship radar offers the best overview of the current ship positions. Since you are now a real ship radar expert, you should definitely take a look at the ship movements in a port. Hamburg, Rotterdam or Antwerp have very dense shipping traffic and a high volume of cruise and container ships. You can access the Hamburg Port Radar by clicking on the Hamburg name.

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