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The destinations of MSC Cruises range from the far north to South Africa and from the Caribbean to Southeast Asia. Day trips, short voyages and even world trips are possible. Depending on the cruising region, season and travel destination, the current position of MSC Bellissima changes.

MSC Bellissima is currently located in the following area: China Sea. The currently scheduled route of MSC Bellissima is from Ishigaki to Keelung. MSC Bellissima departs from Ishigaki on 28th February 2024 at 18:40 PM and is expected to arrive in Keelung on 29th February 2024 at 05:10 AM The indicated departure and arrival times are the local times of the corresponding port. Between the given port of departure and port of arrival is a distance of approximately 281 km (151 sm). MSC Bellissima has already travelled 263 km (142 sm) since Ishigaki. The required travel time is approximately 11 h, 30 min. Deviating lay times, the choice of route and weather influences naturally affect the sailing time. Therefore, the actual journey time may deviate from the stated time.
Departure port --:-- UTC 9
Arrival port --:-- UTC 8
Vessel position --:-- UTC 8
Current trip: --- Captain: ---
Countryflag of Departureport
Countryflag of Arrivalport
Departure port: Ishigaki, Japan Port code: JPISG ETD: 28.02.2024 at 18:40 Local Time (UTC 9) Planned departure: 12 h, 46 min ago
Arrival port: Keelung, Taiwan Port code: TWKEL ETA: 29.02.2024 at 05:10 Local Time (UTC 8)
Planned travel time: 11 h, 30 min Distance between ports: ca. 281 km (151 sm) Distance travelled: ca. 263 km (142 sm) Distance remaining: ---
Current vessel position: China Sea Water depth: ca. -170 m Wave height: 2 m

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